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  • Light Poland was created to help you feel your Inner Power
  • To believe in Yourself
  • To find your Tribe
  • To log out of the matrix.
We live in times of powerful changes on Earth – spiritual, physical and energetic. And these changes cause loss, loneliness, anxiety and stress.
Light Poland is to help in a smooth transition from 3D to 5D in the best company among the Light People – just like You, Love.
All to fulfill our dream to live a beautiful, peaceful lives – in harmony with our Hearts.
Get to the Light Side of The Force ? with us (learn more About Light Poland)


RA – the Blog Author

RA is short for Rachel Agnieszka. They‘ve started to call me Rachel in college and that’s how it stayed.
Until a few years ago I was deep down in 3D stuff . Career, money, mortgage, marriage … I lived like most of people – from weekend to weekend, from payment to payment, in constant stress, race, tension and anxiety.
I was ALWAYS accompanied by Lack and Fear.
My transformation didn’t start suddenly, it was not a shock or a dazzle. A rather arduous work on myself, which consisted of zilion uncomfortable choices and persistent getting out of the comfort zone.
For many years I was focused on work. So much that after 10 years I suffered from professional burnout. I was sacked from one job, then I quit the next one and then another one. The jump into the abyss of unknown was one of the best decisions in my life.


In the meantime, my marriage also burned out. It was an unspeakably difficult decision and if it was not for Ayahuasca, I wouldn’t dare to leave (I was then unemployed and with a huge CHF mortagage on a hump).
Next two years after the breakup were very difficult, but at the same time very beautiful. I really wanted to fall in love and so much I did not want to duplicate the pattern of the previous relationship. I knew that who I will meet in the future – what relationship I will create this time – is entirely up to me.


Time after time, I have been diving deep into Myself, facing there worse and worse stuff. I’ve submerged into my own darkness and I am proud of myself, because during these two years I have developed my own license for managing cesspool ;).
Now I can safely say that nothing human is alien to me.
I’ve faced my ego at its worst. I’ve looked through all manipulations and control scenarios that I have treated myself and others. I met myself from the past in the most embarrassing, monstrous situations.
And I survived 🙂
I think nothing can frighten me anymore. And if not in myself, neither in others.
The aftermath of this is the growing acceptance of myself. Love for myself. Respect for myself.
And if for myself, then also for others.


I love the world. I love nature and good food. And, above all, I love to create – without it life wouldn’t make sense.
Music is very important to me. Like oxygen (no wonder, when Neptune receives a million small aspects in an birth chart).
We have some playlists on Light Poland ‘s YT Channel, making music “compilations” is one of the hobbies that I have since early childhood.
I love reading – I am a compulsive book mole. Library in my hometown is one of my favourite places ever and getting through the bookshelves – one of the most efficient relaxation techniques.
I’m not picky – I read novels, reportages and comics (avoid only detective stories – they get on my nerves).


I love walking. This is my favorite form of sport in addition to the working wonders of a 1-minute work-out by someone called Adamus Saint-Germain.
Sometimes I shoot a game of clumsy ping-pong or go roller skating, but you know … without exaggeration.


Oh. And one more thing – after two years of sailing through the inner lonely oceans of darkness and revelations – I’ve met my Shiva. Spaceman. The conscious man. And a completely new journey in my Life has begun.
I write this blog because it wouldn’t leave me alone. I write only from my experiences based, using only information that came to me and resonate with me deeply. Everything you read here is 100% subjective and 100% from my Heart.


Therefore, I am asking you Dear Guest to take with you only what nourishes you, empowers you, inspires you…
Never accept anything as revealed truth.
Question everything, verify within your heart.
My experiences can only be a signpost for you.


For as long as you are looking outside of yourself – you will not find it.
Everything is already in You. You are Fullness. You are perfect the way you are – in this moment.
Have a nice trip to the center of the Universe, that’s inside of you.
Welcome to the Light Side of the Force
Aho <3



zespół Jasnej Polski


Hi, this is Adrian 🙂
I am very happy to be able to create the world around me, including co-creating Light Poland.
I was, I am, I will be 😉
See you later!


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